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Posted by CarlD on December 4, 2009

Good news – anthropologist and super-commenter John McCreery has agreed to join Dead Voles. And I’ve decided it’s time to move the blog to a more appropriate url. I set it up as carldyke before I had any idea what I was doing. Now I know just enough to be dangerous.

The new and improved Dead Voles with John, Asher Kay and me, Carl Dyke is at

All of the old content has been moved over there too. If you’ve enjoyed the blog so far I hope you’ll enjoy it even more at its new location; please change your bookmarks and links accordingly!

I will leave this blog up indefinitely, but I don’t expect to do much with it. Note that its new name is Dead Vole.

11 Responses to “Attention!”

  1. duncan said

    I had a little uncanny moment just then, since as I was typing in the URL I was thinking to myself – “tschk, how inappropriate this group blog’s web address now is…”

    Also – and this is a piece of information that likely does no good to anyone – the deadvoles (as opposed to deadvole) wordpress template obscures the right-hand portion of the post/comment text with the sidebar, when it displays on itty bitty netbook screens (like the one I’m using now).

    Not the most conversation-starting comment ever written, I admit.

  2. Carl said

    I know, the carldyke thing just wasn’t right. And speaking of right, thanks for the intel on the template. I wonder if this one is unique in this way? Do you have that trouble on any other sites?

  3. duncan said

    None that I’ve come across – although some other templates drop the sidebar to the bottom of the page. The template adjusts the text relative to the window size – it just consistently crops the right-hand side of the post. [This makes the posts readable by altering the window size every half line. But there are probably more convenient reading methods. ;-) I’ll play around with my netbook settings and see if there’s a fix.]

  4. Carl said

    OK, let me know, because that’s a significant inconvenience and there are other templates to choose from. I actually picked one with wide text on purpose, because text is kind of the point (some of them have a little column of text and lots of dead space, which seems wrong to me both practically and graphically), but maybe I need to reconsider.

    Btw I’m totally a bad man and have not done my duty by the Marx reading group, which I still think is a fabulous idea. I’m hoping to get to it over the break.

  5. duncan said

    Ok, I’m on an ancient Internet Explorer (version 6?), which may be the problem. For reference: a bug in the browser can be used to correct the bug in its display of the page. If you shift to ‘Right-To-Left Document’ (in the Encoding menu), and then back to ‘Left-To-Right Document’ (:-P), it realigns the page so the text is visible (by booting the sidebar several metres offscreen). This apparently has to be done for every new page loaded, though, so it’s not a proper fix.

    I should download Chrome, really, innit. (If I do, and the bug’s still there, I’ll let you know.)

    One day this information could be crucial for you, Slumdog Millionaire style. :-P

    [Oh and yeah I think we’ve all been slacking on the reading group a bit. I’m finding it suprisingly daunting – I’m starting to understand in a more concrete way why NP wrote an entire doctoral thesis on just six chapters :-P]

  6. duncan said

    Also, fiddling with settings has turned me into a monster. :-P

  7. Carl: You might want to link to Harry Targ’s blog at for some good radical analysis of US foreign policy!

    Love, Aunt Ann

  8. Carl said

    Thanks, Auntie! His blog looks good; I’ll check back on it regularly.

    By the way, this blog is now dormant – all the action is at the new url, I moved all the old stuff over there too.

  9. Do you notice that this ‘looping’ operation you identify is also present in your own analysis, where no matter what men do they are wiggled back into the role of leering sexist oppressor?

    You started out great, identifying the libidinal core of the wamyn oppressor’s psychology, the true nexus of her angry cunt, then you totally FUCKED IT UP. There’s no discussing with this sort, Dyke, the only antidote is an all-male bear uprising, a closed Masonic society where women are only allowed with their butts high up in the air and a COMPLIANT attitude. Although with some lingerie we can remove the necessity of that hole as well and then they can have their butch lesbian club all they want honey!

    The warmarn is especially irri when she doesn’t want to admit that she always, invariably, ends up encountering exactly the male oppressor that she constructed out of her Electra complex, or the Gay Man; then perversely enjoys her symptom in the brothels of Manhattan.

  10. I mean I liked her better when she was just a prostitute, not this post-modern sort of a whore who ironizes the ancient trades.

  11. Carl said

    Hm, finding this a bit late. Well, I might agree with your diagnosis, but not your prescription. As an old-school Nietzschean/Beauvoirian, the problem in my view is when people have too little power, and therefore never learn to use the power they have responsibly. I find pathos so irritating and disappointing, and not at all sexy. So in my dumb little way I try to show people what responsibility would look like. You’re right that it’s not a strategy likely to dissolve the usual libidinal defenses; more likely it activates them. Still, I believe it’s worth treating people as if they were responsible, thinking adults and not just resentful, victimous bundles of woeful compensation.

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